Teaser of the contemporary dance performance Diva - Nunc!. Premiered 22.5.2015 in Helsinki.

Diva - Nunc! is an abstract and movement-oriented contemporary dance piece for three dancers. The piece is inspired by divine female characters from the past, the present, and beyond reality.

For full version contact info@leenaharjunpaa.com.

Choreographer: Leena Harjunpää

Dancers: Leena Harjunpää, Katja Korpi, Elina Puukka

Sound Designer and music: Jouni Tauriainen

Lighting Designer: Eero Erkamo

Production: Leena Harjunpää Co


PORTRAITS, PARALLEL is between reality and fantasy. It is a music and dance art film which has its inspiration from the thought of parallel universes. It is possible that we all exist in many universes at the same time and everything that happens here right now can happen in various ways somewhere else. PORTRAITS, PARALLEL reveals one option of reality.

Choreography & Performance: Leena Harjunpää

Music & Film: Jouni Tauriainen

PORTRAITS, PARALLEL sijoittuu todellisuuden ja fantasian välimaastoon. Se on musiikki- ja tanssivideo, jonka inspiraation lähteenä toimii ajatus rinnakkaisista todellisuuksista. On mahdollista, että me kaikki olemme olemassa useissa universumeissa yhtäaikaa ja kaikki, mikä tapahtuu tässä juuri nyt, voi tapahtua lukemattomina versioina toisissa ulottuvuuksissa. PORTRAITS, PARALLEL avaa yhden vaihtoehdon todellisuudelle.

Diva - Nunc! promotional short films.


Teaser of the contemporary dance performance The Architects (of behaving). Premiered 21.5.2016 in Helsinki.

The contemporary dance piece The Architects (of behaving) is a study on behavior through dance and performative elements. The piece gathers material from the spatial solutions and structures between people, creating an abstract overview of social codes and patterns.

For full version contact info@leenaharjunpaa.com.

Choreography: Leena Harjunpää

Dance: Saara Anttonen, Leena Harjunpää, Katja Korpi, Elina Puukka

Sound Design and Music: Jouni Tauriainen

Lighting Design: Eero Erkamo

Costume Design: Sarune Peciukonyte, Leena Harjunpää

Production: Leena Harjunpää Co.

The Architects (of behaving) promotional short films.

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Trailer of the contemporary dance solo HÄÄT (wedding) all by myself. Premiered 5.5.2017 in Helsinki.

”I got tired of answering my relatives' wishful inquiries about when I was planning to move on to the career path of a mother and wife, so I decided to make their wish come true in my own way. Literally. So I am going to marry myself. I welcome you to celebrate with me!”

For full version contact info@leenaharjunpaa.com.

Choreography and dance: Leena Harjunpää

Sound design and music: Jouni Tauriainen

Lighting and set design: Eero Erkamo

Costume design: Sarune Peciukonyte

Voguing choreography: Heikki Hautajoki

Production: Leena Harjunpää Co